About us

‘Us’ is just me, Ben, a film camera nerd from the UK. This outfit started when I was given my long departed grandfather’s Pentax P30T in November 2019. The P30T is a film SLR with DX-only ISO setting which gave me the idea for a tee with a DX Encoding chart on it. Others saw it, and wanted one too, so a small TeeSpring store was created. Since then the ‘shop’ has been moved here, and a bunch of other designs have sprung to mind.

This is kind of a side project. I want to be transparent about this, so will probably explain a little too much on this page. I’m a web developer by trade and have been told I can’t “design for toffee” on more than one occasion, so goodness knows why I’m designing t-shirts!


All 35mmTees designs are original, put together in Adobe Irritator and Potatoshop originally, or Affinity Designer more recently. Some of them were a proper git to do, like the hand-drawn filigree on the JMDC Passed tee. If you have an idea for a design, or want to offer constructive criticism about an existing design, please get in touch via Instagram or Bluesky or my personal Mastodon account.

Printing & Fulfilment

All designs are printed with a Direct to Garment (DTG) process, and at the moment our supplier and fulfilment company are Inkthreadable. I upload designs to them and ‘add’ them to ‘products’ (particular garments). These products are synced with this site. When you order, the payment goes to me, and the order goes to Inkthreadable. I have to ‘top-up’ the Inkthreadable account with funds to cover and garment and printing. Inkthreadable send the order direct to you. I usually make about 20% per t-shirt, but it shifts around depending on garment size (5XL tees are expensive!)

Shipping methods and Costs

Items are shipped direct from the printer via Royal Mail 24, Royal Mail 48 and sometimes DPD for UK destinations. For Europe, US and the rest of the world, orders are sent via a mixture of Royal Mail, USPS, DPD (courier) or Asendia (courier) depending on coverage and weight. For boringly exhaustive shipping tables and costs take a look at the Inkthreadable shipping tables. We don’t add on or make any money on shipping, charging only what Inkthreadable charge.